Paintings in Acrylics, Oils, Multimedia & Unique Painted Furniture.

Along with Deirdre’s wonderful work, John is working on some of his own creations!

| 1124 Pembroke St. | number 8 t: 250-590-1277

Artist Statement

Deirdre Kelly, a participant since the first stroll in 2008, opened her studio every year until her passing in 2018. Deirdre’s husband John Hillian will again show her work: art rich in colour and content.  Representational and expressionistic, her paintings and multimedia work centre around themes of nature, women, seasons, and spirituality.  The bright spark of Deirdre’s creativity and imagination lives on in her art. This year we will display work that will be featured in an upcoming book with a series of paintings about Japan entitled, ‘The Tsukiji Market’.

John Hillian - portrait
John at work – creating art