Illustration, Cut Paper Art, Painting & Ceramics.

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Artist Statement

I am an illustrator, a painter and a wizard with scissors and a glue stick.

My work is a playful and loose illustration of life. I clip wherever I roam, creating a large and impressive catalogue of cut shapes to later assemble into illustrations.

Whether I am clipping around a campfire, with children during a creative jam, during a ferry crossing, or at the chaos of my desk, this medium speaks to me as it is fast, playful, open ended and utilizes otherwise wasted materials.

I delight in using every last piece as I snip colourful shapes loaded with frenetic mark making to tell my story.

When my scissor hands need a rest, I turn to clay and larger canvas work. 

My studio is based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Emily Hull - portrait
Fernwood Art Stroll 2023