Joys of nature expressed through the brush.

| 1305 Balmoral Road | number two Zone D t: 250-414-4186

Artist Statement

My personal path as an artist is a result of many hours learning about other artists, and their works, both historical and contemporary, along with lots of time with my own trial and error. 

I find myself seeking out images in nature that express the basic emotions of joy, peace and love. These are my sources of inspiration.  

Colour, light and composition intrigue me, and I try to use them in a way that engages the viewer to experience these emotions.  Recently, I find that vibrant, lively colours are increasingly making their way onto my palette, and my subjects are becoming more abstracted and less realistic. This should not be surprising as I am always working to leave a sense of mystery on the canvas, something left unsaid, while battling with my perfectionist self to do the opposite and say it all. 

Art continues to be a lifelong journey of discovery, change and growth.