Abstract Acrylic Paintings, Watercolours & Prints.

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Artist Statement

My current interest is in abstract painting and exploring the interplay of colours, texture and form. My paintings begin with marks and shapes and evolve intuitively by building up layers with collage, paint, and mark-making. My process is one of discovery and pushing the edges of colour and form, always with the goal of evoking a mood or a feeling.

I’ve been making art of one kind or another all my life. I studied art at UBC and became an art teacher for a short while before coming to Victoria, where I’ve lived most of my adult life. I’ve worked in papier-mâché, done hand-building in clay, explored printmaking, drawing and painting over the years. For the past ten years I’ve been painting acrylic abstracts. I was a member of Bill Porteous’s Wednesday Abstract group and a member of the Gage Artists Collective. Currently, I paint in my studio at Exchanges Gallery.

FAS 2022 Joanna Pettit
Joanna Pettit