Hand Crafted, Hand Burned (Pyrography) Wood Items

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| 1120 Pembroke Street

| 1-778-348-0495

e: lynnagray@gmail.com | web: www.elevatedware.com
insta: @elevatedware

Artist Statement

Lynn is an established artist. Having a background in art, business, training and community development, Lynn finds inspiration through her previous work lives, the people she’s met, and in nature. Originally from Peterborough Ontario CANADA. Lynn spent her formative years in Victoria, British Columbia CANADA where she attended Camosun College and the University of Victoria to pursue her formal art training. She is a multi award winning artist who moved to mid-Vancouver Island in 2012, and now resides in Campbell River, British Columbia CANADA.

Lynn started hand stamping vintage silverware before venturing into a new passion of pyrographic wood art, specifically charcuterie and recently live edge clocks!

Each of Lynn’s West Coast wood items are burned one dot at a time and on extremely high heat with her wood burning tool. Themes of Land, Sea and Air, and subtle design considerations, can be found on each piece. Lynn’s work is under “elevATEdware” on social media (Facebook, Instagram and elevatedware.com) and can be found throughout Vancouver Island retail gift galleries.